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Marilyn e il Che, a Novel

What if Marilyn had met Che on the beach in Cuba? In Carlo Bottelli’s novel, you’ll discover a timeless love story between Marilyn Monroe and Che Guevara. Despite coming from different worlds, their paths intertwined during a tumultuous era of political conflicts and revolutions, unveiling a remarkable bond that challenges norms.

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Amazon shopper

I bought the book for my kids so they have something to do for a roadtrip our family was going to do.
They really enjoy naming the puppies and coloring them. The paper quality is really great, my kids were able to use thick markers without any issues

Nicolas Leblanc

Amazon shopper

I liked this coloring book. The images are cute.

Luis A. Rabines

Amazon shopper

The quality of the paper is great, specially for kids to use markers or paint. The illustrations are funny and cute. My kids really liked naming their individual puppy.

Books become legacies when they transcend time, impacting generations with their enduring themes, universal truths, and profound insights. A book’s legacy is forged through its ability to resonate deeply with readers, inspire change, and provoke thought long after its publication. Classic works, cherished for their literary excellence and emotional depth, are passed down through education and cultural traditions. These books shape societies, influence other works of art, and become part of collective human consciousness. Their timeless relevance and continued appreciation cement their status as legacies, leaving an indelible mark on history and culture.

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