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Learn Spanish

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Introducing ‘My First 100 Words in Kawaii Style’. The ultimate bilingual adventure for young learners! This enchanting book takes children on a delightful journey to learn English and Spanish in the cutest way possible. Your kids are going to love it!

Prepare to be charmed by the world of Kawaii, where everything is adorable and fun. In this beautifully illustrated book, kids aged 1 to 12 will discover their first 100 words in both English and Spanish, all while surrounded by irresistibly cute characters and scenes.

My First 100 Words in Kawaii Style

Each page is a captivating exploration, with vibrant images and clear, easy-to-read words in both languages. This engaging approach makes learning not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable. Watch as your child’s language skills blossom as they immerse themselves in the world of Kawaii cuteness.

My first 100 Words - Spanish /English
My first 100 Words - Italian / English
My first 100 Words - French /English
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